I really Love Her.

I really love this girl and she loves me too a great deal! 
Problem is her family are putting her under a lot of pressure to get married and settle down 
and I just am not ready for marriage just yet and I don’t wanna loose her.
 Help me please! –  Teejay, Lagos NGA

2 thoughts on “I really Love Her.

  1. Sounds like a dilemma that requires but a communication Teejay. I don’t know your reasons for not wanting to settle down yet. Could this be finances, family, work or other personal reasons? Whatever the case maybe, call her and sit her down. Explain and reassure her that you love her and unveil your plans for right now, immediate future and later future. Above all, let her know you understand she’s under a lot of pressure and you certainly dont want to loose her. Come up with ways both to appeal to her parents and get them to understand that you aren’t gonna be rushed into what you aren’t ready for because most relationships that are rushed into are rushed out of eventually. Give her a promissory ring if you can’t afford an engagement one.
    Good luck.

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