How Would You Handle A Nagging Woman?


My lady does not nag, photo for illustration only.

When a woman nags on at her man and he ignores her, does that help or worsen the case? About four weeks ago, a woman wrote in to ask Ire and I thought I’ill like to seek your opinion. Leave me a comment please and do NOT nag and ignore people…lol.

One thought on “How Would You Handle A Nagging Woman?

  1. Coments from Facebook fans
    Doris Idahosa: Interesting people in this photo. To give my opinion, i will say neither is good. D nagging and ignoring…lol.
    2 March at 21:13 · Unlike · 1

    Doris Idahosa: I ilke the photo and i cant stop laughing…lol.
    2 March at 21:14 · Unlike · 1

    Musa Ahmed: Haha. When a woman nags, she needs to be ignored!
    2 March at 21:14 · Unlike · 1

    Doris Idahosa @ Musa Ahmed, I cant believe you just said that. You???
    2 March at 21:15 · Unlike · 2

    Adeyankie Ayuba: 2 be candid nagging is not good. Just talk to your man like he is your man n if he loves u he would listen.
    2 March at 21:17 · Unlike · 3

    Adeyankie Ayuba: Men should stop ignoring their wives too. Address her and her needs!
    2 March at 21:17 · Unlike · 3

    Musa Ahmed @ Doris Idahosa, a nagging woman is worse than a jealous one. I guess Adeyankie has given a quality opinion here.
    2 March at 21:18 · Unlike · 1

    Doris Idahosa @ Musa Ahmed, it seems so…lol.
    2 March at 21:19 · Unlike · 1

    Adeyankie Ayuba @ Musa, thank u!
    2 March at 21:19 · Unlike · 1

    Musa Ahmed: You are wlcm Ade.
    2 March at 21:20 · Unlike · 1

    Abigeal Bookie:Ola haaa Ire! this is very funny!
    2 March at 21:21 · Unlike · 2

    Abigeal Bookie Ola: Nagging is a very bad habit and men should listen to their women!
    2 March at 21:21 · Unlike · 1

    Eyinju Ire Ni O : Hey guys, the photo is for illustration only. Toks doesn’t nag much and Ire doesn’t ignore much either-lol.
    2 March at 21:23 · Unlike · 1

    Doris Idahosa: I was wondering if the photo was real….lol.
    2 March at 21:24 · Unlike · 1

    Abigeal Bookie Ola: Lol but u two are funny all d same!
    2 March at 21:25 · Unlike · 1

    Adeyankie Ayuba @ eyinjuIre, does that mean u nag sometime and Ire ignores u?
    2 March at 21:27 · Unlike · 1

    Musa Ahmed: Eyinju does not nag. It’s just Ire who likes to ignore people…lol.
    2 March at 21:30 · Unlike · 1

    Princess Victoria James : First of all, I love this illustration photo. Secondly, almost all women nag. It’s just that some do it more than others and it is bad habit! Men should be more mature about the situation and take charge!
    2 March at 21:32 · Unlike · 2

    Princess Victoria James: Although that can be very hard thing to do when there is emotion and frustration in the air!
    2 March at 21:33 · Unlike · 2

    Abigeal Bookie Ola: Nice comment Princess Victoria but it is not easy to do so as u said!
    2 March at 21:34 · Unlike · 1

    Ben Olu: LMAO! TOO FUNNY!
    2 March at 21:36 · Unlike · 3

    Doris Idahosa: Hmm Ben Olu, do u ignore women when they nag u?
    2 March at 21:38 · Unlike · 1

    Princess Victoria James Thanks @ Abigeal.
    2 March at 21:47 · Edited · Like · 1

    Abigeal Bookie Ola: U are wlcm Princess.
    2 March at 21:46 · Unlike · 1

    Josephine Mokonogho: Let us first define nagging…
    2 March at 21:46 via mobile · Unlike · 3

    Princess Victoria James: Pls help us define it o @ Josephine. What is nagging really? Lol.
    2 March at 21:47 · Unlike · 2

    Princess Victoria James @ Abi, sure. This is all very interesting!
    2 March at 21:48 · Unlike · 1

    Doris Idahosa :Nagging is a complaint that grows into something else that is irritating and annoying! Am I right @ Josephine Mokonogho?
    2 March at 21:50 · Unlike · 2

    Musa Ahmed :You could call it constant complaining or to simply torment a man by repeating one thing over and over again until the man ignores you.
    2 March at 21:54 · Unlike · 2

    Abigeal Bookie Ola @ Musa Ahmed, u and ignoring sha!
    2 March at 21:56 · Like

    Samson Smileconcept Aminu: Nagging is a bad habit as rightly said but the only way a man could calm himself is to pretend by keeping it off mind which is been refer to ignoring but not knowing it affect the lady or worsen the issue the more… What could now be the best way to solve a situation like this ? Men should be more mature and treat their wife like a child. Simply correct her… Wait to be corrected #Smile#
    2 March at 22:45 · Unlike · 2

    Josephine Mokonogho: Love the picture sha. Really illustrates the point.
    2 March at 23:21 via mobile · Unlike · 1

    Tkbesh! International Magazine: Thanks all for your valuable comments and your likes. We appreciate and love y’all!
    3 March at 02:02 · Unlike · 4

    Abigeal Bookie Ola: You are welcome Tkbesh! International Magazine.
    3 March at 02:34 · Unlike · 1

    Adeyankie Ayuba: Una welcome o Tkbesh!
    3 March at 11:39 via mobile · Unlike · 1

    Muslimat Anike Ahmed: Lovely illustration photo and interesting topic Tkbesh! International Magazine.
    4 March at 13:21 · Like

    Tokunbo Adebesin: This was educating y’all but mostly fun. Thanks y’all!
    7 March at 11:31 · Like

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