A liar and a cheat!


A liar and a cheat!

A liar and a cheat! (Google image for Illustration only)

Hi Ire,

My name is Fabrisse and I have been married for a little over a year. My husband is a compulsive liar and cheats on me all the time. One day last week while he was asleep his phone kept on ringing. I decided to pick up and it was a lady on the other end asking for him. I introduced myself and asked who she was. She told me her name and was confused about my identity as my husband had told her I was just a friend he helped and was living with. It broke my heart and I wept. Long story short, my husband’s girlfriend decided she wants to come and confront my husband and demand back for all the expensive gifts she has given him. Should I let her come? 

One thought on “A liar and a cheat!

  1. Mrs Fabrisse, this is one real bad dilemma you are faced with. I couldn’t help but notice how you labeled your husband ” a compulsive liar and a cheat ” Apparently there have been other writings on the wall clear enough for a blind man to read. It is apparent that your marriage is headed for a disaster. Having been married for only a year and dealing with all of these troubles already, it begs the question if you knew your husband at all and wether or not a couple therapy would do him any good.

    To answer your question, I wouldn’t let the girlfriend come to the house just yet. I would try giving your husband a chance to come clean first but then being a compulsive liar; he may never fess up. Get a professional help and try getting him to get some too otherwise I would start looking for a good divorce lawyer. We are nowhere today compare to where we can go provided we have the will power. You deserve to be happy and be treated with love and respect. Good luck.

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