Why did he put up the picture of his ex on his Facebook page?


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My boyfriend of two years wished his ex a happy birthday on his Facebook page without telling me. I woke up and found out he has made her picture cover page with a birthday message splashed all over it. What is wrong with this picture, I asked? I felt hurt by this and having been hurt before I started to withdraw in anticipation that he still feels something for her and maybe I should end this relationship before it went any further.

– Abimbola, Lagos-Nigeria.

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2 thoughts on “Why did he put up the picture of his ex on his Facebook page?

  1. bimbola, there is no such thing as being too careful and once beaten a hundred times shy right? I can understand where you are coming from and perhaps you have a point but to withdraw and think about ending the relationship on that note would be immature and baseless. I am sure your boyfriend of two years must have demonstrated some good qualities that has not only won your heart but keeping him there too and you must have trusted him to a degree as well. Relationships are like a wheel in motion. Sometimes they roll forward and sometimes backwards and then side to side. I would find out his reasons behind the action and express my dislike for his action no matter how noble his intent may have been. From a woman’s stand point, I can see how that would infuriate you but withdrawing or ending the relationship is definitely not the answer. Have him understand that you don’t appreciate such. I am sure if he loves you, he would apologize and find other means to send his ex-birthday wishes that aren’t so extravagant. You need to see the good in his actions however; a boyfriend that treats his ex with that kind of courtesy would likely treat you as a queen. All the best!

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