Tkbesh! 5Questions With Yetunde Oduwole

20140314-070155-pm.jpg1.     Tkbesh!   What is the secret behind the young look? 

Bustilne:  Peace of mind interprets my young looks. When you have peace, your beauty glows and that extract 10 years from your age. I do not let anything bother me. I make sure I go to bed a happy woman no matter the storm. I smile to myself when I tell people my age, and they go “are you for real?” Above all, I am grateful to God for endowing me with the gift of agelessness, not everybody has that gift, I am pure lucky! Like I told people on my 42nd birthday, “life began for me at 40, and at 42, I am just beginning to walk!”


2.     Tkbesh!  What is Success to you?

Bustline:Success to me is dreaming tall dreams and accomplishes them. For instance, I am a tall dreamer. I dream of…

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